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Ice Maker

(a) Ice maker for ice cubes

  • it makes ice cubes with different ranges 20,36,70,120 litters.

(b) Ice maker for crushed ice

  • it is made in China but includes French machine produced from Danfoss.
  • It produces 1000 kilos-1500 kilos crushed ice.


Flender Co.,Ltd is a refrigeration manufacturer,capitalized by Korea DaQing research institution,whose initial investment in China. The company adopt world class technology & production lines as strist quality control system, It's consist of over 180 versions out of 6 series, and the ice can be made into kinds of shapes, such as snowflake, chip, square or round, which is widely applied in supermarkets' refrigeration & display, ocean fishing, food transportation & processing, laboratories, hotel. restaurants and so on. Flender refrigeration machine main spare are provided from German, France, Denmark and other Europen countries. Since its foundation, the company aim of becoming first option fot our customers, and the products are focusd on high technologies & quality, energy-saving and in-depth after-sales service.

for more information please check Flender Website

ORIEN/OEM Ice maker


  1. Power Supply: 100-120V/50-60HZ,220-240V/50-60Hz, 1-phase
  2. Power Consumption: 350W
  3. Net Weight: 30kg
  4. Gross Weight: 33kg
  5. Ice Shape: Bullet
  6. Body: Foaming Body
  7. Ice Scoop: Yes
  8. Refrigerant: R134a
  9. Condenser Unit: Air-cooled
  10. Packing Dimensions (W x D x H): 410 x 520 x 710mm
  11. Ice Making Type: Water-spray
  12. Control Type: Electronic Control
  13. Spare Water: The Unit Equipped with Drainpipe and the Spare Water was Drained Directly.


  • Adjustable Foot and Easy to Install
  • Exactly Automatic Ice Making
  • Smart Type and Easy to Use
  • The Thickness of Ice is Adjustable
  • Crystal Ice
  • Special Clean Mode
  • Convenient to Operate

Ice Maker Models

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